WISE Director joins the Director of the STEMAZing Project to speak at BIO2

On March 4th, WISE Director Jill Williams joined the Director of the STEMAZing Project, DaNel Hogan, to speak to guests at Biosphere2 about the importance of fostering science identity and motivation among girls and young women.  Jill and DaNel were invited to speak at BIO2 as part of their "What if?" series.  This series features local scientists and experts who give five minute mini-lectures on a topic of thier choice.  Jill and DaNel took the opportunity to address the topic, "What if we taught girls that they're brilliant?".   Inspired by recent research that shows that by the age of 6, girls are 20-30% less likely than their male counterparts to see their own gender as brilliant, Jill and DaNel provided BIO2 visitors with information on gender disparities in STEM fields and actionable strategies for fostering science identity, motivation, and self-efficacy among girls and young women.  

Published Date: 

03/13/2017 - 12:16

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