Educator Resources

Program Manual

The Bio/Diversity Project Manual


Lesson Plans

All Grade Levels

Edible Landscapes Survey - Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum

Home in the Sonoran Desert - Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum


Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

A Walk in the Desert - Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Life Cycle of the Saguaro and Student Handout - Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum


3rd Grade - 5th Grade

What Do Your Tracks Tell? - Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum

Beaks For What We Eat - Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Insect Safari - SaveNature


6th Grade - 8th Grade

Endangered and Threatened - Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum

Taking a Count of Biodiversity - Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum

A Dynamic Balance: Living in the Sonoran Desert - National Park Service

How many Species? - Saguaro National Park

Understanding Biodiversity - Resources Area For Teaching


9th Grade - 12th Grade

What is Biomimicry? - Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

A Dynamic Balance: Living in the Sonoran Desert - National Park Service

Understanding Biodiversity - Resource Area For Teaching


Schoolyard Bioblitzes

The Schoolyard Bioblitz - Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Bioblitz Observation Worksheet

Bioblitz Skill-Building Activities in Florida - Learning + Education at the Encyclopedia of Life


For additional lesson plans and resources, visit the following websites:

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

EOL Learning + Education at the Encyclopedia of Life


UA Community School and Garden Program - K-8 Curriculum and High School Curriculum


Podcasts, Videos, and Public Media

We're Losing Biodiversity in Foods

Additional Resources

Biodiversity Basics Presentation - Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Resource Guide (list of websites, videos, and additional information)

Saguaro National Park Background Information

Saguaro National Park Student Field Guide

Vocabulary Sheet



Draw a Scientist Test Worksheet

Science Motivation Questionnaire--Elementary

Science Motivation Questionnaire--Middle and High School

Species Identification Guides

Birds - Pima County Parks and Recreation

Common Backyard Insects - Tree of Life Web Project

Guide to Common Cactus and Succulents of Tucson - Tucson Cactus and Succulent Society

Plants of the Sonoran Desert by the Cabeza Prieta Natural History Association

Sonoran Desert Field Guide by Arizona Naturalists

Common Leaf Shapes - University of Florida, Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants

Insect Classification - SaveNature

Lizards of Sabino Canyon, Coronado National Forest - Arizona Game and Fish Department